NUCAP guarantee


NUCAP is so confident in the NRS technology, we’re pleased to announce the NUCAP Industries, fully-funded, 100% Brake Pad Performance Guarantee. Starting May 1, 2013, NUCAP will guarantee all brake pads manufactured with the NRS™ Retention System against delamination for the useful life of the pads and will reimburse customers a flat $250 for the cost of their brake pads and labor. For more information click here.

NUCAP Global

NUCAP Global

NUCAP Industries is the global leader of product innovation and production for brake system components. NUCAP's continued investment into the business ensures the most dependable supply of consistent products. The company's products portfolio ranges from high quality brake pad backing plates, shims, attaching hardware, abutment hardware, and springs are used in cars, buses, trucks, motorcycles, aviation and trains.

NUCAP is a NVH (noise, vibration, harshness) leader through the innovations developed at its state of the art research and development center. Products such as the patented NRS Safe mechanical lock retention system, MST Shims, NU-LOK Shims and the NU-LOK | Piston Cushion all are designed to enhance end-users satisfaction and safety.

NUCAP The Science of Brakes.