NUCAP brake system

A World Leader in Brake Innovation and Brake Safety.

NUCAP has co-developed braking solutions with the world’s top brands in more than 90 countries. Our company is uniquely positioned to help solve some of the world’s biggest challenges in brake technology.

We support our partners in the development of superior brake products. Designed alongside foundation brake engineers and utilizing our vast knowledge base, our products are driven by safety, fit, form and functional requirements.

NUCAP is also the innovation engine behind future technologies, including our GRIP Metal and SpiderTech divisions.

NUCAP Global

NUCAP Industries is the global leader of product innovation and production for brake system components. NUCAP's continued investment into the business ensures the most dependable supply of consistent products.

The company's products portfolio ranges from high quality brake pad backing plates, shims, attaching hardware, abutment hardware, and springs are used in cars, buses, trucks, motorcycles, aviation and trains.

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Eliminate edge lift and safety issues

  • Eliminates premature replacement due to noise
  • Eliminates partialy broken friction material
  • Pad integrity right to the last millimeter of fiction

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NUCAP Pace Ward

NUCAP is recognized for its NUCAP Retention System, as well as the spirit of innovation that characterizes the culture of this company.

The PACE award panel of judges stated “The NUCAP Retention System (NRS) is a compelling example of an innovative solution to an unsatisfactory but accepted process in the automotive industry".

This breakthrough in innovation culminated in NUCAP winning the 2001 PACE Award.